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Thank you for your interest in AMR Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is a cool place to work!

Santa Cruz County is located on the central coastal area of California, includes many miles of beaches and mountains, and is home to one of the oldest Boardwalks around. We are an all-dual medic system, meaning we have two paramedics on each ambulance. We do not currently employ EMT's at AMR in Santa Cruz. Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Clara all employ EMT's as well as paramedics.

Santa Cruz has mostly 24-hour units, with a 12-hour day car every day, and one 12-hour afternoon car on Thurs-Sun in the summer as we have a lot of tourists. We run around 16,000 calls per year. We are fairly small, so our employee group knows each other well, and works together really well; they watch each other's backs and care deeply about patient care and our EMS system.

We have a great relationship with our local Fire Departments, some of whom have ALS first responders and some are BLS volunteers. We work very well with all of them and train together. We provide the rehab function for our fire departments at fires.

Starting pay in Santa Cruz is $17.19 per hour for a 24-hour shift working 56 hours per week (you get overtime), and our day cars make $20.24/hr working 48 hours per week and getting overtime.

Clinically: we were the first county in California to implement both adult and pedi King Tubes, we have EZ IO, CPAP and the usual array of ALS procedures and meds. We are in the process of getting all brand new fully loaded LP 15 monitors, and moving forward with 12-lead (we participated in a cardiac study using a modified 5-lead, which precluded us from beginning 12-lead years ago), pacing, CO monitoring, etc in the next couple of months.

For more information and an application packet, contact our Operations at 831-423-7030.

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